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Being pilots ourselves we understand what does the sky mean to you. The heady sense of flight is peerless to any other feeling. Bird’s eye view during the airliner’s ascend captures you each time on the way to the clouds. Not less sweet are the moments of your solitude somewhere in the height. Seeing various cultures and time zones is one of the professional privileges you’d never change. At the same time, the trade means colossal risk and responsibility as you are in charge of your crew, passengers and luggage safety. Needless to say that reliable quality equipment may save lives and money in case of emergency. Besides, it’s the matter of company prestige to provide the best high-end service, which is impossible without appropriate crew supplies.

Since the date of our company foundation, we’ve studied all pilot needs inside and out; moreover, the profession is familiar to us at firsthand, from our personal years of experience. The goal of our time-tested family owned business is to deliver pilot products of the highest rate, in time and on terms convenient for the customer. The vast choice of uniform and aviation gear will cover all your flight needs. Pilot Shop takes the leading position among the most popular pilot suppliers worldwide. Fifty years on the market speak louder than any words. Purchasing the aircraft inventory on our store is a guarantee of unsurpassable service at competitive prices.


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